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Caring for the Land and Serving People.

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Valdez, Prince William Sound

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Begich, Boggs Visitor Services

The Begich, Boggs Visotr Center in Portage Valley, AK, operated May 25th-Sept 16th 2013. We offer interactive exhibits, a 20 min film called "Retreat and Renewal, Stories from Alaska's Chugach National Forest,' and ranger-led guided hikes offered periodically. A portion of the BBVC is open to the public free of charge; however a recreation fee is required for access to the film and exhibits. Educational waivers are granted for shcool field trips and summer camps.

Crooked Creek Information Site Bank Restoration RAC Project

The Crooked Creek Restoration Project is to reestablish native vegetation on the banks of Crooked Creek for the control of erosion and sustainability of habitat for anadromous salmon. Students from the 8th grade Earth Science class of the Gilson Middle School worked alongside the Forest Service ecologists on the restoration project.

Effect of Fire on The Forest "Is Fire Good or Bad???"

Students are challenged with the question, "is fire good or bad?" Answers are committed to paper and set aside till the end of the presentation, at which time they will reassess their answers. The Fire triangle is discussed, Fire's role in the ecosystem (natural and human caused, prescribed) is experienced through interactive four scenarios with costumes. Then as a result off the last scenario, the presentation moves into Forest succession after fire.

Kids Fishing Day

This year CNF hosted two Kids Fishing Days. One in Moose Pass, AK and the other at Moose Flats Day use area in Portage Valley, AK. Both were one-day events held to encourage kids from the local communities to come out and learn about fishing and to participate in fly-tying, casting contests, baiting hooks and of course, catching and cleaning fish.

Major Marine Tours

Interpreter from CNF-GRD staff the Kenai Star and the Fairweather Express II, vessels that travel on Prince William Sound from Whittier, AK to view a variety of glaciers and wildlife. This provides an opportunity for the public to gain comprehensive understanding of the CNF which is the landscape throughout which they are sailing. Likewise, it allows the staff of the vessels to focus on the operation of the ship & to focus on the safety and comfort of their passengers. These tours are 4-5 hours

Phillips 26 Glacier Cruise

Interpreters from CNF-GRD staff the Klondike Express and the Glacier Quest, vessels that travel on Prince William Sound from Whittier, AK to view a variety of glaciers and wildlife. This provides an opporunity for the public to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CNF, the landscape throughout which they are sailing. Likewise it allows the staff of the company to focus on the operation of the vessel & to focus on the safety & comfort of their passengers. These tours are 4 to 5 hours.

Portage Glacier Cruises

CNF-GRD has been in partnership with Portage Glacier Cruises (Holland America/Princess) since 1989, providing USFS interpreters on board the M/V Ptarmigan. Starting June 3rd until September 16th, these cruises took place five times a day and traveled on Portage Lake. The cruise takes visitors out to the face of Portage Glacier which used to be visible from Begich, Boggs Visitor Center but has since retreated around a mountain and out of sight from the center

R10 CNF SO Iditarod Trail to Every Classroom (iTREC!)

iTRECI is a place-based service learning professional development workshop series connecting youth & communities along the Iditarod National Historic Trail (INGT). This program works with educators to help them gain new expertise, ideas and resources for developing curriculum and teaching practices that foster student\'s understanding of their local landscape and community, and inspires them to be involved in longterm stewardship of out natural and cultural resources

Spencer Glacier Guided Hikes

This hike is offered through the Alaska Railroad & the CNF-GRD. Hike begins at the Spencer Whistle Stop, the 1st installment of five proposed Whistle Stops from Portage AK to Grandview. This experience brings visitors into the backcountry of the Kenai Peninsula by rail & there is no other way to get there. Visitors are led through the valley of Placer River & ends at a viewing platform overlookins Spencer Glacier. This hike lasts 1 hour & is offered daily, Totoal distance (RT) is 2.6 miles.

Working from Urban Parks to the Chach Woods: The Next Step is a New Expericence

Underserved youth participated in a ten week work expericen on Municipality and Federal lands. The chugach National Forest worked with partner Student Conservation Association, to bring urban youth to work, camp, and recreate while accomplishing back-country trail projects. Students were recruited from the Anchorage Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) program. These students rarely have been to the Forest, even though they have grown up in view of the Chugach Mountains

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