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Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association



The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association was incorporated in 1976 toÊprovide the Cook Inlet drainage with an organized, scientifically respected community, responsible for the protection of self-perpetuating salmon stocks and the rehabilitation of salmon stocks and habitat.Ê These goals set forth by the board of directors are to be accomplished by maximizing the value of Cook Inlet\'s common property salmon resource through the use of science, education, and technology.

Type of Education Provided

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Professional
  • Para-professional
  • Recreational
  • Other

Organizational Classification

  • Federal
  • Non-profit
  • Other
  • State
  • University-Based

Stem Programming

  • Yes
  • No


  • Yes
  • No

Operating Region

  • Southeast Alaska
  • Southcentral Alaska
  • Southwest Alaska
  • Northwest Alaska
  • Interior Alaska
  • Statewide

Primary Audience

  • Rural
  • Remote
  • Urban
  • Statewide
  • Specific



Educator Resources

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