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Prince William Sound Science Center


  • 300 Breakwater Ave., P.O. Box 705
    Cordova, Alaska 99574
  • (907) 424-5800
  • (907) 424-5820


We advance the understanding and sustainable use of ecosystems in the northern Gulf of Alaska region through research and education.

Type of Education Provided

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Professional
  • Para-professional
  • Recreational
  • Other

Organizational Classification

  • Federal
  • Non-profit
  • Other
  • State
  • University-Based

Stem Programming

  • Yes
  • No


  • Yes
  • No

Operating Region

  • Southeast Alaska
  • Southcentral Alaska
  • Southwest Alaska
  • Northwest Alaska
  • Interior Alaska
  • Statewide

Primary Audience

  • Rural
  • Remote
  • Urban
  • Statewide
  • Specific


Cordova, Prince William Sound


Discovery Room

Students participate in Discovery Room for hours of fun, hands-on science instruction. During our time together, students explore and study the local environment and local organisms for a deeper understanding of how we are all connected.

Headwater to Ocean Monitoring Network

Our Headwaters to Oceans Monitoring Network (H2O Monitoring Network) allows students to investigate local surroundings, develop a greater understanding of global ecological concepts, and become directly involved in resources that they may manage or use in the future. First launched in 2008, participating students learn about the scientific process and data management, increase their observation skills, engage in peer_to_peer teaching, and contribute to long_term data sets. Students and classrooms are partnered with remote peers conducting similar work. Facilitated by PWSSC using distance_learning tools such as Skype, GoogleDocs, and wikis, partner classrooms share data and observations and learn similarities and differences between their ecosystems.Discovery Room Lesson plans complement the H2O Monitoring Network.

Outreach Discovery

Outreach Discovery expands the geographic scope of our programs to communities outside of Cordova. Since 1993, educators have adapted Discovery Room materials to deliver programs to students in rural areas. We offer numerous programs based on themes such as water, shorebirds, rainforests, wetlands, ecology, glaciers, ocean technology, and oil spill prevention. Teachers are able to choose lessons that best meet their needs for exposing students to new science learning opportunities and achieving academic benchmarks.

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